KLM church
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Forthcoming events

Baby Buds
Wednesday 29th March — 10.30-12.00
at Gracemount Church House
76 Lasswade Road.

Pampering for Mum and Fun for Baby
Contact Brenda 07532 204 571

Contact details

Minister: Rev. John Young
Tel: 07827 815599
Email: minister@klmchurch.org.uk

Office address:
76 Lasswade Road,
Edinburgh, EH16 6SF
Email: office@klmchurch.org.uk

Session clerk: Alison Murray
Email: alison@klmchurch.org.uk

Treasurer: Alan Graham
Email: treasurer@klmchurch.org.uk

Secretary: Jacqui Tate
Email: jacqui@klmchurch.org.uk


Our church building was located at: 38 Gracemount Drive, Edinburgh EH16 6RN. However, the building became unusable and was demolished so on Sundays we now meet in Gracemount Primary School, 45 Gracemount House Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 6FD.